Moving Comfort Sports Bra Fit Fest - Jan. 30

Moving Comfort Sports Bra Fit Fest 

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Join us for a Moving Comfort FIT Fest event. This event will be dedicated to getting you FIT in the right sports bra(s) to match your active lifestyle. Whether that is yoga, hiking, running or spinning, we have a variety of sports bras to meet a low or high impact workout.

This event is dedicated to finding your best fitting sports bras.

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Learn more about our sports bra fitting process & sports bra FAQs. 

Signs It's Time To Part Ways from Your Sports Bra

  • The bottom band chafes. Over time, the bottom band loses elasticity and the resulting slack can lead to chafing. Just say no to any physical abuse from your bra.
  • You can't read the tags anymore. If the tags are faded to the point you can't read them, it's time to see other sports bras.
  • It's too big or too small. Your bra size is constantly changing. That's why 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra. If you have lost or gained weight, you probably need a bra fitting. A supportive bra relies on a perfect fit.
  • You need more than one. If you need more than one sports bra, you are not getting what you need. Try a more supportive style designed for larger cups.

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