Medical Providers

The following is a list of some of our partner medical professionals in the area. We work with over 100 local medical offices and haven't the space to list them all. Included below are a few of our more prolific referral partners. If you contact them, please be sure to let them know who sent you!

Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

Lori Barekman, Jay Hall and Dave Townsend

2255 Challenger Way, Suite 104, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. (707) 545-1419     

Have you had a running injury or have pain or discomfort while running? This team can help you!

Santa Rosa Sports Medicine

Ty P. Affleck, MD.

Santa Rosa Sports Medicine, 1255 North Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 707.546.9400

Dr. Affleck is certified in Family Practice and completed a Fellowship in Sports Medicine. Principal provider at Santa Rosa Sports Medicine, Dr. Affleck also serves as team physician for the SSU and Santa Rosa Jr College and is Medical Director for the Vineman Triathlons. His practice specializes in sports medicine and primary care for individuals and families with active lifestyles.

Alec Isabeau, D.C.

TrueNorth Health, 1551 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA. Phone: (707) 586-5555.

Dr. Alec Isabeau provides chiropractic care at TrueNorth Health, a multidisciplinary medical and health education facility in Santa Rosa, California, which specializes in the management of chronic degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. His private outpatient practice emphasizes sports medicine and exercise-based rehabilitation; decades of experience as a mountaineer and competitive athlete have given him a keen insight into the complexities of sports-related injuries.

Dr. Isabeau is also a regular lecturer for the Dr. John McDougall Program and frequently provides educational clinics and lectures on fitness and health-related topics for athletic teams and organizations.

Pisenti Chiropractic

Dr. Patrick Pisenti

Pisenti Chiropractic, Inc2725 Mendocino Ave. Suite C Santa Rosa, CA 95403, 707-544-5338

Dr. Patrick Pisenti is a local chiropractor in Santa Rosa, specializing in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.). A.R.T. is a hands-on/massage technique focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue and skeletal muscle injuries. As a certified A.R.T. provider, Dr. Pisenti has the ability to specifically locate this exact injured tissue causing pain or injury. For every muscle, tendon, ligament in the body there are specific protocols designed to break up scar tissue and adhesions. Some of the common conditions which can be treated with A.R.T. are plantar fascitis, IT band syndrome, sciatica, tendonitis, knee pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and many more. Along with A.R.T., Dr. Pisenti uses chiropractic adjusting, kinesio taping and functional rehabilitation exercises to provide a complete, individualistic treatment.

Ridgway Chiropractic

Dr. Caleb Ridgway

Ridgway Chiropractic, 2725 Mendocino Ave. Suite C Santa Rosa, CA 95403, 707-544-5338

Dr. Caleb Ridgway is a chiropractic sports physician who specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. Dr. Ridgway is able to utilize his extensive athletic background as both a competitor and a Doctor to recognize, treat, rehabilitate, and prevent sports specific injuries. His extensive knowledge and emphasis in soft tissue treatment has allowed him to work with the U.S. Olympic Track and Field team, the Santa Monica Track Club, professional mixed martial artists from the UFC, as well as numerous NFL and NBA athletes.

Dr. Ridgway believes in a whole body approach to health, employing a comprehensive evaluation and treatment protocol to address each patient’s individual needs. Armed with the latest research and a deep understanding of sports science, Dr. Ridgway utilizes muscle balancing through Active Release Technique® (ART), posture and gait analysis, chiropractic manipulations, proprioceptive training, and diet counseling to not only treat the pain, but to uncover the underlying cause of the problem. 

Dr. John Hollander

990 Sonoma Ave. Suite # 18 Santa Rosa CA 95401, Phone: 707-578-1222 

Dr. Hollander has been in private practice in Santa Rosa for 20 years. He is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He is the director of the foot and ankle clinic at Sonoma County Indian Health and a consultant to the Medical Board for the state of California. 

For many years, Dr. Hollander was a bio-mechanics consultant to Kaiser Permanente of Northern California and Clinical Instructor at the California School of Podiatric Medicine. He also was one of the consulting doctors to the Oakland Raiders. Dr. Hollander sees and treats not only adults for sports injuries, but also many of our young soccer players and ballerinas find their way to his office for injuries and bio-mechanical evaluations.

Carrie Cheadle

(707) 338-0854

Carrie Cheadle is a Sport & Exercise Mental Skills Coach and has a private practice based in Northern California coaching teams, organizations, and individual athletes on mental skills training. Carrie helps people enhance the quality of their athletic experience by coaching them on how to approach their sport with more confidence, more enjoyment, and empowering them with the necessary mental skills to achieve their goals and perform to their potential. She has worked with a range of athletes from recreational to elite and professional competing at national and international levels. Carrie specializes in working with cyclists and endurance athletes. She provides mental skills training workshops and coaches individual athletes across the country. She also publishes a free quarterly e-newsletter called "Game ON!" that you can sign up for on her website.

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